i wish we could have like a prequel spinoff about the jojo villains like kira’s career as a serial killer dio escaping his box & gaining followers in egypt kars back before he killed the rest of the pillar men diavolo & passione gaining power valentine doing presidential shit i guess


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i love how jojo was like “aliens are real and on earth. anyway back to this serial killer”


My second JOJO cosplay! And I would have never picked Giorno if I hadn’t seen this amazing and unbearably gay artwork from Jojoveller! He’s definitely to much of a young pretty boy for me but I had very much fun creating the costume and shooting it. *Ä* Fun story: we took pictures near a fairy tale garden for children and one of them asked me if I was Rapunzel. :D
Huge thanks to my photographer Jul! <3


hoenn summer


hoenn summer


Pixiv ID: 2542199Member: カヅ
Pixiv ID: 2542199
Member: カヅ


Pokémon: Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby
Monsters are tragic beings. They are born too tall, too strong, too heavy. They are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy. They do not attack people because they want to, but because of their size and strength, mankind has no other choice but to defend himself. After several stories such as this, people end up having a kind of affection for the monsters. They end up caring about them.

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This quote is so rarely printed in its entirety. Fantastic.

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Hoenn legends in the Pokémon TCG
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